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Random Clark's Britian

Luanne's Clark's (Virginia, British Isles)
Humphrey Clark born abt 1620 in British Isles and died 1656 Isle of Wight VA. who married a Jane in 1645.
John Clark born abt 1647 and died after 1676 m. Mary FLAKE 1670, a daughter of Robert Flake.
Robert Clark born abt 1666 in Isle of WIght, VA and died l8 Mar 1723/24 in Surry Co VA. Think he married Anne Wells of
Henrico Co VA.
Mary Clark born abot 1682 and died in Surry 1726. married Charles Sledge
Elizabeth Clark born abt 1684 married 1/ Robert Carlisle 2/Muzelwhite.
Samuel Clark born bef 1688 and d 1736 Runswick Co VA He married Elizabeth Meacham
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Random Clark's Ireland

Dorothy's Clark's (Ireland, Ohio)
Have not been able to get on Clark Cousins to check. Am looking for Mary Clark from Ireland who married William Roch
(Roach) around 1775 in colonies. They settled in Jefferson Co., Ohio after Revolution. Had 11 children. Believe he came from
Counties Waterford or Cork in Ireland. Have been unable to find Mary Clark in Ireland. I will be happy to exchange
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Random Clark's Canada

Bear's Clark's (Canada)
I am looking for information on my Grandparents, Harry John Clarke and Mary Amanda Clark. Harry Clarke birth date
unknow died on Oct. 13,1958. lived in Chipman, New Brunswick. Parents unknown. Mary Clark was born Feb. 29 1978 and
died Jan. 12 1960. Her parents were Andrew Clark and Rachel Garvey, they lived was in Chipman New Brunswick. Mary
and Harry later moved to Saint John, New Brunswick.
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Random Clark's Multiple Countries

Amy's Clarks (Canada, Ireland, Scotland)
I am looking for my Clarke ancestors. My grandmother was Anna Belle Clarke Spence born in 1873 to John Henry Clarke
and Amy Theodosia Dorman. John Henry was born May 3, 1840 in Amherst, Nova Scotia to Sampson Clarke and Jane
McClusky. Sampson and Jane came from Co. Antrim, N. Ireland and immigrated to America circa 1830. Does any of this
sound familiar to anyone researching the Clarke name? I think the Clarkes were dispersed from Scotland to Ireland at some
point and I would like to trace them back to Scotland.
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Allison's Clark's (Canada, Jamica, England)
Jamaica is a tough area to unleash information. My grandfather Harold Arthur Edmund Clarke born 1885 in Huddersfield
Jamaica came to Canada in 1904, however there is little information on his life before Canada other than his parents Robert
and Mrs. Robert Clarke went to Jamaica from England mid 1800's. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Random Clark's In U.S. And Other Countries

Kathy M's Clark Line (Virginia, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ireland)
I have a Clark family I would like to share. Some of information is a bid strange, just like some of the info you can get out of
any book on any surname. I would like to share my families with you to see if perhaps I can help someone and someone out
there can identify my Bartholomew Clark family and trace it back to his parents. Information I have been able to gather so far
on my Bartholomew Clark is as follows:
Monongalia Co., W.VA was once part of VA and very close to the counties of Orange, Madison and Culpeper.
Book 'The Monongalia Story' A bicentennial Story by The Pioneers, by Carl L. Core. Page 282 states in Miscellany.
In 1799 Tavern licenses were granted to: Bartholomew Clark was living on Lot120 in Morgantown (Callahan, p.107) in this
book also on page 309 Bartholomew was granted a tavern license. Bartholomew listed in book History of Monongalia Co.,
WVA. P544 Batholomew of Morgantown was one of three persons granted tavern licenses in 1802.
Book 'The Monongalia Story' pg 340. Talks about street repairs in Morgantown. B. Clark made this offer: 'I will engage to
do more work on the streets of Morgantown than has been done in one year since 1796, for one dollar each titheable. Them
that want to be exempted must secure the money or good trade'. Each citizen owned to the town so much work on the streets
and Clark offered to do it for them, for a consideration.
Book 'The Monongalia Story' pg.367 states: Hales' Hat Shop. The issue of The Monongalia Gazette vol.6, no.299. For
Friday , Oct. 6, 1809, contained an announcement concerning a new business beginning in Morgantown: Hats in
the city of Morgantown was on the main street nearly opposite the house formerly occupied by Bartholomew Clark where he
intends carrying on the business in the most extensive manner.
In the Book West Virginia Estate Settlements the 5 volumes print court records of various counties, wills and other court
areas. Listed are a few of the notes I xeroxed in the library on Bartholomew starting in 1776 Monongalia County. Monongalia
Co. was formed in 1776. Heritage Books, Inc. Compiled by Millia Pender Zinn.
Records of the District and Superior Courts.
Vol I: Clark, Bartholomew 3/9/1811 Will 4-1811. Devisees Mary, wife; David,
John, Wm., Jonney, Eugenus, sons; Betsy,daughter.
Descendants of Bartholomew Clark
1 Bartholomew Clark b: in Ireland d: Abt. 1811 in Monongalia Co., WVA
. +Mary (Maiden?) Clark b: in Ireland
..... 2 Jane Clark b: Abt. 1808 in VA d: Aft. 1885 in IA (listed as dau. of
Bartholomew on m:lic.)
......... +John Wolfe b: Abt. 1807 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co., VA m: Mar
26, 1829 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co. (W) VA d: Feb 5, 1871 in Jefferson,
Clayton Co., IA
............. 3 Louis/Lewis Clark Wolfe b: Jan 3, 1830 in Kingwood, Preston
Co., VA d: Sep 14, 1917 in Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa
................ +Rebecca J. Walker (Gott) b: Nov 6, 1833 in Mo m: Feb 3,
1857 in Millville, Clayton Co., Iowa d: Jun 25, 1917 in Mt. Pleasant, Henry
Co., Iowa
............. 3 Mary Louise Wolfe b: Jan 9, 1832 in Kingwood, Preston Co.,VA
d: Sep 18, 1854 in Clayton Co., IA
................ +[1] David Ulysses Gull b: May 15, 1827 in (W)VA m: Sep 21,
1851 in Clayton Co., IA d: Jan 20, 1897 in Millville Twp, Clayton Co., IA
............. 3 Elizabeth Wolfe b: Abt. Jul 1835 in Kingwood, Preston Co.,
VA d: Bef. 1880 in Jefferson,Clayton Co., IA?
............. 3 Margaret Jane Wolfe b: May 11, 1839 in Kingwood, Preston
Co., VA d: Apr 12, 1908 in Colesburg, Delaware Co., IA
................ +[1] David Ulysses Gull b: May 15, 1827 in (W)VA m: Dec 15,
1855 in Clayton Co., IA d: Jan 20, 1897 in Millville Twp, Clayton Co., IA
............. 3 Andrew John Wolfe b: Abt. 1843 in Kingwood, Preston Co., VA
d: Apr 17, 1865 in Jefferson, Clayton Co., IA
............. 3 Charlotte Wolfe b: May 27, 1844 in Preston Co., VA d: Abt.
Jan 10, 1909 in Hastings, NE
................ +Willmutt Goldsmith b: Abt. 1814 in New York m: 1864 in
unknown d: 1888 in IA?
............. 3 Sarah Wolfe b: Nov 22, 1850 in Springhill Twp., Fayette Co.,PA
..... 2 David Clark b: Unknown
..... 2 John Clark b: Unknown
..... 2 William Clark b: Unknown
......... +Phoebe Tabler m: Mar 14, 1828 in Monongalia Co., WVA
..... 2 Jonney Clark b: Unknown
..... 2 Eugenus Wilson Clark b: Unknown
..... 2 Betsy Clark b: Unknown
......... +Mr.Sharp
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Denice's Clark (Washington DC, Maryland, New Zealand)
Harry Freeman CLARK b 23 Sept 1871 of Washington DC, (or Maryland), m 1905 Elizabeth Kortright Gouverneur
HEISKELL b 1884 ggggreatgranddaughter of Pres James Monroe. Mr and Mrs H F Clark lived in Cathedral Ave,
Washington DC. HF Clark was a Director of Riggs Bank and Washington Steel. ny info on parents or siblings would be
appreciated. Kind regards (Auckland, New Zealand)
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Random Clark Lines Unknown Locations

Bobbie's Clark's (Unknown location)
1. Richard CLARK Mary DAVIS
2. William R CLARK (1791-1863) Catherine WILLIAMS
3. Elizabeth Bracken CLARK (1819-1843) Nathan KEIST
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Clenny's Clark's (Unknown location)
1. Richard Clark Mary Davis
2. William R Clark (1791-1863) Catherine Williams
3. Elizabeth Bracken Clark (1819-1843) Nathan Keist
This is my Clark ancestry. They were not from Virginia.
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MistTre1's Clark's (Unknown location)
I am writing on behalf of the line of Henry Givens Clark, Henry Arther Clark married to Cora Elle Tyree, then Henry Ward
Beecher Clark. Are there any of you out there??
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Rachael's Clark (Location unknown)
I was wondering if anyone might help me locate my grandmother's grave site. Her name is Rachel Clark. She was married to
Arthur Clark. She died in 4/1930
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