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Please note:  Although the name of this site is Clark Cousins Of Virginia, we are researching
Clark's/Clarke's from anywhere/everywhere. If you have a Clark/Clarke line you want to post
to this site, just follow the instructions below.

 We're using this website to help in researching our Clark ancestry. Most of us either have a Clark line somewhere in our background, or Clark is one of the names we're researching. By using the Clark surname as our focus point, we're wanting to attract other Clark researchers to this site, in hopes that they too will join us by adding their own Clark lines to the site. We'd like for this site to become one of the major stops for Clark researchers to come to in search of information.
If you have a Clark line you're researching, prepare a descendancy chart and send it to the following email address, Go from your earliest known Clark/Clarke to the most recent generation, stopping around 1900, so as not to include living persons. If you're wanting to include someone who was born after 1900, it's suggested that a nickname might be more appropriate for those entries. Please do not include a date or place of birth for those entries either.
  To view lines we're researching, go to the index below and follow the links to view the individual lines. If you're researching a Clark line represented on these pages, we're anxious to hear from you. If you're researching a different Clark line we'd be happy to include a page for your Clark line. Please let us know if you want your email address posted on the page so your Clark Cousins can contact you.

Index to the Clark lines on this site

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Join with others researching Clark to discuss and share information about the Clarks and related families.
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If you have, or know of other sites that have Clark/e's, please send the URL to the address below,
so we can visit it and possibly add it to the links page.


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