Clark Cousins Reunion 2003


         Hello, Robert (grandson of Ida C. Clark) and Patricia Hale are doing the letter this year. Unfortunately, Mary Clark Baldwin is having a terrible time with her eyesight and has asked us to help.  Last year there was not any where near the rain we had the year before.  However, there was lots of food. This is one family that knows how to cook! We spent time meeting several cousins who had not been before and catching up on cousins who were here before.

    So clear your calendar for the 2003 Clark Cousins Reunion to be held on
Sunday, July 27, 2003
at the Town Park
At the upper pavilion in Narrows, Virginia at 1:00.
(Formerly known as the Boon)  

There will be a pre-reunion get together at Anna's Restaurant on Saturday, July 26th 2003 at 6 pm.
If you wish to dine with us they offer a reasonably priced menu.
   Won't you come and join in that as well?

     Please notice the change in the time for Sunday's lunch. This later time gives everyone time to get to the reunion after church.  There is an entrance at the upper shelter but it has steps down. If you park at the lower entrance there is a very long walk.  There is some parking is along the road side.

Food      I am enclosing a couple pages from Anna's Restaurant.  Several people may want to go together to order food that way it would not be hard on anyone..  Or maybe you just don't feel like cooking since July is usually a hot month.  Call Anna's 540-726-3545 or fax 540-726-7879. Please be sure to get your order in by July 15th.  Thank you from Donna at Anna's. Anna is retired and stays home.

Lodging     Princeton, West Virginia provides a choice of motels very near the freeway exits.  Please call early for reservations at your favorite place. They fill up fast! If you are coming from the East, Pearisburg has a couple of motels.  Princeton and Pearisburg will have highway signs indicating the route to Narrows and the  New River Bridge which will start you on your way to the Reunion.  

New Sprouts     Darlene (granddaughter of Ida C Clark)  and Jackie Payne have a new grandson.Nicholas Lee Payne was born at 4:00am on a very snowy morning of February 2, 2003.   I am sure there were other births but we are not aware of them. Please keep us posted so we can keep our family tree book up-to-date.

Condolences   Our hearts and prayers go to those who have lost a loved one. We do not know of any so please be sure to let us know.

Military   We want to recognize anyone who is serving in the military.

News ...     There has to be more news than this!  We are really interested.  Even if you don't come to the reunion please drop us a line so we can keep everyone updated.  Remember a family shares the load together.  

Look for old pictures which might be in the attic or maybe in a chest in the basement. Be sure to bring them.  Maybe put them in a zip lock bag with your name on them so they do not get mixed up. For those who moved away any scrapbooks or yearbooks, old school sweaters would bring back memories.   Remember memories do get sweeter by the year.      

Do you know any stories? One family lived in a haunted house for 18 days and then moved!!  Hey, bring your stories with you. 

If you have questions or suggestions please contact:

Robert (Bob) Hale by phone 423-638-0566
or mail us a letter 490 Bishop Loop, Greeneville, TN 37743

or  Carolee Madero

or Sandi Campbell


Bob and Patricia Hale                                                                                           



Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 12:10:08 EDT
Subject: Good News
To: billncindy@Ameritech.Net

      We found out the old McArthur Inn which was a nursing home then apartments and now is again the McArthur Inn has reopened.  They charge $30 a night for single occupancy and $40 a night for double occupancy.  The telephone number is        540-726-7493.
      If you are planning on camping or bringing your RV the telephone number for the Riverview Camp ground is 540-726-7840.
      If you have any questions about Narrows the telephone number for the town hall is 540-726-2423.
      Sorry we did not have these numbers sooner.  Please share them with any of the family you talk to.
Have a nice day
Robert and Patricia