Clark Cousins Of Virginia

Ed's Clark Line

Generation No. 1
Children of ?Clark are:
2. i. Thomas G. Clark, b.1811, Madison County, Virginia.
3. ii. James Madison Clark, b.abt1816, Madison County, Virginia.
Generation No. 2
2.Thomas G. Clark was b.1811. He married Cynthia Ann Lower February 1838
Children of Thomas Clark and Cynthia Lower are:
i. Joseph L. Clark
ii. Silas W. Clark, b.1845; m.(1) Laura M. Hurst; d.1905, m.(2) Lilly Franers
4.iii. Alred H. Clark, b.1840; d.1910.
iv. Girl Clark
5.v. Franklin P. Clark, b.1853.
3.James Madison Clark b.abt1816 in Madison County, Virginia. m.Mary McLean September
13, 1836 in Wayne County, Indiana. She was b.abt.1815 Virginia.
Children of James Clark and Mary McLean
i. James B. Clark, b.abt1838
ii. Rueben B Clark, b. abt1841
6.iii. Josiah Clinton Clark, b. 1844; d. 1903
iv. Mary S Clark, b.abt1846
7. v. Ansel C. Clark, b.abt1847
vi. Joseph Alexander Clark, b.abt1849
8. vii. Benjamin B. Clark, b. August 1851, Indiana; d. 1930, Elwood, Madison County, Indiana.
viii. Mareta E. Clark, b.abt1855
Generation No. 3
4. Alred H. Clark was b.1840, and d.1910
m (1) Lavina Thomas Hilligoss She was b.1844, and d.1917
m (2) Ettie. b.1855
Children of Alred Clark and Lavinia Hilligoss
i. Minnie Ann Clark, m.Leroy Urmston b.1865 d.1933
ii. Thomas W. Clark, m. Neomia Likens
iii. Elmer Clark, b. 1861; d. 1921; m. Mary Louisa
iv. Ida Ethelean Clark, b.1869; d.1967; m.William R.Coverston
v. May Clark, b.1880; m.Henry Stiles
vi. Harry Orlando Clark b1882; d1956; m.(1) Nellie ?; m.(2) Lois Lucille Dillman; b1906 d1950
Child of Alred H. Clark is:
vii. Silas W. Clark, b1845
5.Franklin P. Clark was b.1853. m(1)? m(2) Leona (Lilly) b.1862
Child of Franklin P. Clark
i. Wilbert T. Clark b.1897.
Children of Franklin P. Clark and Leona (Lilly)
ii. Dorthy Clark, b.1897
iii. Ralph Clark, b.1899 d.1981.
6. Josiah Clinton Clark b.1844, d.1903 m.Lydia Mitchell, Carroll County, KY.
Children of Josiah Clark and Lydia Mitchell
i. Minnie Clark
ii. Effie Clark
iii. Clarence Clark
iv. Rose Clark
v. Flossie Clark
vi. John Walter Clark b.1877 d.1940 m.Vinnie Dell Wilson; b.1876 d.1966 in Hancock County,
7.Ansel C.Clark b.abt1847 m.Sara H. b.? in Indiana
Children of Ansel Clark and Sara H.
i. Thomas H. Clark, b.abt.1868
ii. Lillie Clark, b.abt.1870
iii. Ancel C. Clark, b.abt.1873
iv. William Clark, b.abt.1875
v. Alva B. Clark, b.abt.1879
8. Benjamin B. Clark b.August 1851 in Indiana, and d.1930 in Elwood, Madison County, Indiana
m Sarah E. Price abt1870 b.February 1851 in Kentucky
More About Benjamin B. Clark=Occupation: Day Laborer
Children of Benjamin B. Clark and Sarah Price
i. Unknown Clark d.Before 1900; Not living in 1900 Census.
ii. Rose Clark, d. Before 1900; Not living in 1900 Census
iii. Edgar M. Clark b.November 1871; d.1942; m.Ethel Haislup
More About Edgar M. Clark=Occupation: Undertaker
iv. Otto A. Clark b.March 1877; d.abt.1927 Indiana; m. Florence Packard b.1889
More About Otto A. Clark=Occupation: Heater Tin Plate
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