Clark Cousins Of Virginia

Random Clark Lines In Virginia

Carolyn's Clark's (Virginia)
I am looking for the home and family of Eli Clark born summer of 1814 in Virginia. He was in Coshocton Co, Ohio by 1835,
when he married. He died in adjacent Licking Co. We have much descendant info to share but have no idea who his parents
were or where in Va. he came from.
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Terry's Clark's (Virginia)
My line includes William David CLARK of Orange County (b. 1793; d. 1865). He married Jane Mary ELIASON, daughter
of Ebenezer and Ann HERSEY ELIASON, in Madison County in 1825. Does anyone have info on the ELIASON and
HERSEY surnames in Virginia? I believe Ebenezer had a son, Ebenezer ELIASON Jr., and possibly a son, William A
ELIASON.; I believe they were in Prince William County in 1830s. I have a lot of info on William David's descendants.
Appreciate any help.
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Buckingham/Nelson Clark's (Virginia)
Generation 1 J.W. Clark................Spouse Unknown
Generation 2 Joe Clark..................(1) Fannie ? (2) Possibly a Stinnie Woman Lived In Buckingham County, VA
Generation 3 Joseph Samuel Clark, b. 1888, Buckingham Co, VA..........Annie Lee Taylor Lived in Nelson County, VA
Generation 4 James Edward Clark, Sr., b. 1913, Buckingham Co., VA.....Martha Henrietta Via(r) Lived in Schuyler, Nelson
Co., VA
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Mary Jane's Clark's (Virginia)
Hi - Saw your web pages - Think my line probably is the forerunner of Starr's - of course, can't state that positively as the
reseaarch has never been done! However, they seem to all be in the right places at the right time. Am sending you the
information I have. Sorry - don't have the brothers & sisters. I lose my Clark line early through a female - so have never
pursued it at all. Will send what I have - if you want to post it to the list, send it to Starr - whatever. ROBERT CLARKE:
Chirurgian - b Co Cornwall England marr England. Died - will 12 Dec 1705, Warsaw VA. (Will shown in this way; county is
Richmond Co Va). Land patent 1657 - Warsaw VA. Resided Pispataway Creek, Middlesex Co Va , Jul 1690. Married
SARAH---------. It is said (without proof) that his father was possibly Thomas Clarke of England. DAUGHTER JUDITH
CLARKE bapt 1689, Middlesex Co Va. Married (1)ABRAHAM TRIGG bapt 4 May 1684, Middlesex Co Va; d 25 Feb
1718/9. (2) Henry Burk. Date & place of death of Judith unknown. WILLIAM TRIGG, son of Judith CLARKE & Abraham
TRIGG married Mary JOHNS. They migrated to Bedford Co Va where his will was probated 15 Sep 1772.
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Ron's Clark's #1 (Virginia)
I am stumped on my Clark line. I could use some help. I am stuck with Woodson Clark of Charlotte and Bedford County. I
believe my line will in time tie into Starr's line shown on your Website. I know that some descendants of Christopher Clark of
Louisa migrated to Campbell County, Charlotte County and surrounding areas. My Woodson would have been born about
1810 most probably in Charlotte. He was married in Charlotte Dec. 18, 1834 to Dorothy (Dortha, Dorthea) Jennings. He
shows up as head of a household in Charlotte in 1840. In the 1850 census he shows up in Bedford County. The only birth
record I have found for his children is for George Etter Clark in July, 1853. George was the youngest child. His other children
were: Frances Clark, RichardClark, Flora Clark, John Clark, Robert Clark and possibly Elvira Clark.Woodson was dead by
1870 as his youngest 3 children were living with James and Fannie Berger (Fannie may be the older sister, Frances) by that
time. That is it. I feel like I'm circling around the answer but it continues to elude me. Dosha Clark (that is her maiden name)
married Publius Clark on November 11, 1837. If you run across any Charlotte Clarks I would love to hearfrom you. P.S. My
Harvey lines tie into the Clarks of Charlotte too. I will try to get that together and e-mail it
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Ron's Clark's #2 (Virginia)
Here is my other Charlotte County Clark line: I am not a direct descendant in this line. My great-grandmother was the
step-daughter to Louisa Jane Clark. Here goes:
Descendants of Micajah Clark
Generation No. 1
1. Micajah Clark was born 1808. He married Eliza.
Children of Micajah Clark and Eliza are:
2 i. Margaret2 Clark, born 1833.
3 ii. Mary E. Clark, born 1835.
+ 4 iii. Louisa Jane Clark, born 1837; died April 10, 1904 in Charlotte County, Virginia.
5 iv. Charles J. Clark, born 1839.
6 v. Pernetta Clark, born 1841.
7 vi. John S. Clark, born 1845.
8 vii. Eliza Clark, born 1849.
Generation No. 2
4. Louisa Jane2 Clark (Micajah1) was born 1837, and died April 10, 1904 in Charlotte County,Virginia. She married
Hezekiah Ford Harvey December 03, 1855 in Charlotte County, VA, son of John Harvey and Susannah Ford.
More About Louisa Jane Clark
Religion: attended Hat Creek Presbyterian Church in Charlotte
Notes for Hezekiah Ford Harvey: Kiah was Hezekiah's nickname. He was a farmer, overseer for the farm of George Hannah
and operated a foundry. He did not serve in the Confederacy but was said to have been in a skirmish "down by the river." This
skirmish was believed to be the "Battle of the Old Men and Boys" near Halifax, VA. More About Hezekiah Ford Harvey:
Occupation: Farmer near Reese in Charlotte County
Children of Louisa Clark and Hezekiah Harvey are:
9 i. Ada Jane3 Harvey, born April 14, 1858; died February 12, 1929.
She married (1) James Fallen. She married (2) Simon Tyree Harvey.
10 ii. Ariminta Beauregard Harvey, born 1862. She married John R. Lawson.
11 iii. Rosa Lee Harvey, born 1865. She married (1) W. J. Williamson. She married
(2) James Monroe Dickerson.
12 iv. Ellen Gordon Harvey, born July 22, 1869 in Charlotte County, Virginia; died
May 01, 1942. She married Floyd Calgar Dickerson August 25, 1894.
+ 13 v. Lucy Forrest Harvey, born December 25, 1871 in Charlotte County, Virginia;
died December 03, 1956 in Kenston, NC.
14 vi. Margaret Miller Harvey, born 1877 in Charlotte County, Virginia; died July 07,
1970. She married G. Roach November 29, 1899.
Generation No. 3
13. Lucy Forrest3 Harvey (Louisa Jane2 Clark, Micajah1) was born December 25, 1871 in Charlotte County, Virginia, and
died December 03, 1956 in Kenston, NC. She married James Arthur Ramsey January 31, 1894 in Charlotte County, VA.
Children of Lucy Harvey and James Ramsey are:
15 i. CabellF.4 Ramsey.
+ 16 ii. Arthur Forrest Ramsey, born January 29, 1895; died February 25, 1985.
Generation No. 4
16. Arthur Forrest 4 Ramsey (Lucy Forrest 3 Harvey, Louisa Jane 2 Clark,Micajah) was born January 29, 1895, and died
February 25, 1985. He married MarriedApril 18, 1925 in Norfolk, VA. P.S. My Harvey lines tie into the Clarks of Charlotte
too. I will try to get that together and e-mail itto you
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SCBC's Clark's (Viriginia)
Generation 1
J.W. Clark................Spouse Unknown
Generation 2
Joe Clark..............(1) Fannie ? (2) Possibly a Stinnie Woman Lived In Buckingham County, Va
Generation 3
Joseph Samuel Clark, b. 1888, Buckingham Co, Va Annie Lee Taylor Lived in Nelson Cty, VA
Generation 4
James Edward Clark, Sr., b. 1913, Buckingham Co., VA.....Martha Henrietta Via(r) Lived
in Schuyler, Nelson Co., VA
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Betty's Clark's 1 (Virginia)
Will the person who posted all the John Clark info in the last digest please check and see if you have any more info on the
James Clark listed as 2. I am looking for a James Clark b. abt. 1804 who moved to Wirt Co., VA sometime around 1841.
Thank you so much! Betty Evans
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Lori's Clark Line (Virginia)
1. Clifford S. Clark
m. Ollie M. Lester b. 1891 Va
Children: C.W. Clark
Edward Clark
James Leon Clark
Elizabeth Lucille b. 1921 VA
m. Robert L. McFaddin
2. Joanne June Clark
m. Elmer Milton Chandler b. 1933
3. Lena Mae Clark
m. Edward W. Lester b. 1868 VA d.1957 VA
4. Ruth C. Clark
m. Henry Stuart Lester b.1886 VA d.1965 VA
5. W.H. Clark
m. Frankie Lee Mitchell b. 1921
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Debbie's Clark's (Virginia)
I am researching the Stone side of our family tree. I don't have much info to start with. But here it is. Ernest Otto Stone b. 1904
Leck Va. d. 1969 Wise Co. VA. he married Thelma Gilliland. Ernest had a brother JB Stone and sisters Etta and Lottie Stone.
Etta married a Shepard and Lottie married a Gross. I started looking on the Clark page because we have Ernest Stone's
reading book "Gullivers Travels" and in the front he wrote the names and birthdates of family members. He also wrote 1884
Ollie C. Clark. My side seems to have german names. Does any of this sound like your Stone relatives?
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Terry's F's Clark's (Virginia)
I'm a descendant of William and Joseph David Clark of Orange County, Va., and I'm searching for info on some of the
women who married into this family. Thanks.
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Judy C's Clark (Virginia)
Any contacts for someone researching Isham Clark of Bedford Co VA? Would appreciate any contacts/info. Thanks,
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Pace's Clark (Virginia)
I need the parents and siblings names for JOHN THOMAS CLARK born February 15, 1830 possibly in Westmoreland
County, Virginia. John had at least two brothers, one was born about 1834 and his name was James. Any clues, leads, or any
kind of help would be GREATLY appreciated.
me at e-mail address below.
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SReilly934's Clark (Virginia)
Looking for the Clark/Mansfield lines who lived in the Hoadly, Virginia Prince William County area. Mansfield family who had
a daughter named Ruth born about 1899 or 1900 in Virginia. Ruth married and became Ruth Mansfield Clark who lived in the
Hoadly, Va. area.
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Donna's Clark (Virginia)
I am seeking info on Francis Clark of Louisa Co. VA. Francis Clark was the father of Nancy Clark, born ca 1790, in Louisa
Co. VA. Nancy is my ggg grandmother. She married Benjamin Thacker in Louisa Co. VA in 1805. Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks,
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Random Clark Lines In Virginia Plus Other States

Linda Edlow's Clark's
(Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Texas)
Do you have a Jasper Clark, (old in 1890-1900 range) wife Ellen, children: Minnie, Ida, Murphy, Barney, Effie and Maggie?
Do you have a J.O. Clark,(born 1842) wife M.J. children: Mary, Doak, Lon, Hubbard, and Minnie?
Both of these families ended up in Texas but came thru either MS or KY or AL and probably NC or VA before that.
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BandB4951's Clark's (Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina)
I am looking to find more information on my CLARK line. Unfortunately, I do not have all of the dates necessary as I am
having trouble with my computer for the moment so I will estimate them.
Hannah CLARK......born: abt. 1715-20 in VA, probably
.......mother: ??
.......father: Robert CLARK
...........born: abt. 1680 in VA, probably
married: Jacob UNDERWOOD
.......born: abt. 1745-50 in NC
Children include:
Sarah 'Sally' UNDERWOOD
.......born: abt. 1775
md: Lewis Lamkin HATTEN/HATTON
.......born: abt. 1770 in NC
Children include:
.......born: 1800 in Nash Co., NC
md: Frances Lucretia LOTT
.......born: 1802 in AL
.......mother: Martha Jane Dorsey LIGHTFOOT
............born: abt. 1763 in VA or Antigua, possibly
.......father: Absalom LOTT
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Janet's Clark's (Virginia, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Tennessee)
James Clark who came to America apparently about the time of the Revolution and enlisted November 22 1776 and became a
Sergeant in Henry Garnett's company of regular troops. After the war he lived in Virginia, moved to Kentucky and then to
Wayne County Ill.One of their sons was Benjamin A Clark who died in 1838 while attending the Illinois State Legislature. He
married Mary G.Witters born in Western Tennessee. Their son Benjamin Franklin Clark was born April 29 1829 and
established a drugstore in Girard, Macoupin County Illinois. His second wife was Mary Ann Butcher who was born April 20
1845 in Tennessee. One of their children was Grace C Clark who was born November 14 1877 in Girard Illinois and died in
Minneapolis Minnesota December 23 1959. She married Lewellyn Littlepage. One of their daughters was Genevieve
Littlepage who married Dr Nelson Warren Sheley in Los Angeles, California. They had one daughter: my wife Janet Clark
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Ralph's Clark's (Virginia, Florida)
Thomas Clarke of Virginia who m Martha Dehaven? She was b. 1818 Frederick Co VA. They moved to Florida, where he
may have died before her. If my facts are right, she than married a Geiger. Martha Dehaven parents might have been Westley
Dehaven & Louisa Fisher.
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Kathy M's Clark Line (Virginia, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ireland)
I have a Clark family I would like to share. Some of information is a bid strange, just like some of the info you can get out of
any book on any surname. I would like to share my families with you to see if perhaps I can help someone and someone out
there can identify my Bartholomew Clark family and trace it back to his parents. Information I have been able to gather so far
on my Bartholomew Clark is as follows:
Monongalia Co., W.VA was once part of VA and very close to the counties of Orange, Madison and Culpeper.
Book 'The Monongalia Story' A bicentennial Story by The Pioneers, by Carl L. Core. Page 282 states in Miscellany.
In 1799 Tavern licenses were granted to: Bartholomew Clark was living on Lot120 in Morgantown (Callahan, p.107) in this
book also on page 309 Bartholomew was granted a tavern license. Bartholomew listed in book History of Monongalia Co.,
WVA. P544 Batholomew of Morgantown was one of three persons granted tavern licenses in 1802.
Book 'The Monongalia Story' pg 340. Talks about street repairs in Morgantown. B. Clark made this offer: 'I will engage to
do more work on the streets of Morgantown than has been done in one year since 1796, for one dollar each titheable. Them
that want to be exempted must secure the money or good trade'. Each citizen owned to the town so much work on the streets
and Clark offered to do it for them, for a consideration.
Book 'The Monongalia Story' pg.367 states: Hales' Hat Shop. The issue of The Monongalia Gazette vol.6, no.299. For
Friday , Oct. 6, 1809, contained an announcement concerning a new business beginning in Morgantown: Hats in
the city of Morgantown was on the main street nearly opposite the house formerly occupied by Bartholomew Clark where he
intends carrying on the business in the most extensive manner.
In the Book West Virginia Estate Settlements the 5 volumes print court records of various counties, wills and other court
areas. Listed are a few of the notes I xeroxed in the library on Bartholomew starting in 1776 Monongalia County. Monongalia
Co. was formed in 1776. Heritage Books, Inc. Compiled by Millia Pender Zinn.
Records of the District and Superior Courts.
Vol I: Clark, Bartholomew 3/9/1811 Will 4-1811. Devisees Mary, wife; David,
John, Wm., Jonney, Eugenus, sons; Betsy,daughter.
Descendants of Bartholomew Clark
1 Bartholomew Clark b: in Ireland d: Abt. 1811 in Monongalia Co., WVA
. +Mary (Maiden?) Clark b: in Ireland
..... 2 Jane Clark b: Abt. 1808 in VA d: Aft. 1885 in IA (listed as dau. of
Bartholomew on m:lic.)
......... +John Wolfe b: Abt. 1807 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co., VA m: Mar
26, 1829 in Morgantown, Monongalia Co. (W) VA d: Feb 5, 1871 in Jefferson,
Clayton Co., IA
............. 3 Louis/Lewis Clark Wolfe b: Jan 3, 1830 in Kingwood, Preston
Co., VA d: Sep 14, 1917 in Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa
................ +Rebecca J. Walker (Gott) b: Nov 6, 1833 in Mo m: Feb 3,
1857 in Millville, Clayton Co., Iowa d: Jun 25, 1917 in Mt. Pleasant, Henry
Co., Iowa
............. 3 Mary Louise Wolfe b: Jan 9, 1832 in Kingwood, Preston Co.,VA
d: Sep 18, 1854 in Clayton Co., IA
................ +[1] David Ulysses Gull b: May 15, 1827 in (W)VA m: Sep 21,
1851 in Clayton Co., IA d: Jan 20, 1897 in Millville Twp, Clayton Co., IA
............. 3 Elizabeth Wolfe b: Abt. Jul 1835 in Kingwood, Preston Co.,
VA d: Bef. 1880 in Jefferson,Clayton Co., IA?
............. 3 Margaret Jane Wolfe b: May 11, 1839 in Kingwood, Preston
Co., VA d: Apr 12, 1908 in Colesburg, Delaware Co., IA
................ +[1] David Ulysses Gull b: May 15, 1827 in (W)VA m: Dec 15,
1855 in Clayton Co., IA d: Jan 20, 1897 in Millville Twp, Clayton Co., IA
............. 3 Andrew John Wolfe b: Abt. 1843 in Kingwood, Preston Co., VA
d: Apr 17, 1865 in Jefferson, Clayton Co., IA
............. 3 Charlotte Wolfe b: May 27, 1844 in Preston Co., VA d: Abt.
Jan 10, 1909 in Hastings, NE
................ +Willmutt Goldsmith b: Abt. 1814 in New York m: 1864 in
unknown d: 1888 in IA?
............. 3 Sarah Wolfe b: Nov 22, 1850 in Springhill Twp., Fayette Co.,PA
..... 2 David Clark b: Unknown
..... 2 John Clark b: Unknown
..... 2 William Clark b: Unknown
......... +Phoebe Tabler m: Mar 14, 1828 in Monongalia Co., WVA
..... 2 Jonney Clark b: Unknown
..... 2 Eugenus Wilson Clark b: Unknown
..... 2 Betsy Clark b: Unknown
......... +Mr.Sharp
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Earline's Clark's (Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri)
Hi, I am searching for the parents of Gabriel Penn Clark b. abt 1817 in or near Lynchburg?? VA. He was in MO by 1840
married to a lady from KY, Julia Scott, Gabriel also named one of his son William Penn Clark, (Gabriel wasn't a Quaker) have
you ever seen the Gabriel Clark (know there was a Gabriel Penn who married Jane Clark, there was a memtion of a Gabriel
Clark in some of the letters to and from George Rogers Clark. Appreicate any help or clues. Thanks Earline
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Fay's Clark's (Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina,)
1. Samuel CLARK, Sr. b: 1775 in VA d: Bet. 1850- 1860 in Clinton Co, Ky
+Jean? BAKER b: 1774 in NC src: LDS Ancestral File d: Bet. 1810 -1820 in Wayne Co, KY src: LDS Ancestral File 2nd
Wife of Samuel Clark, Sr.: +Hannah WADE b: 1780 in NC m: 04 Dec 1829 in Wayne Co, KY
2. Female 1 CLARK b: Bet. 1794 - 1800
2. Samuel CLARK, Jr. b: Bet. 1794 - 1800
2. Jesse CLARK, Sr. b: 1800 in NC
+Sarah "Sally" BELL b: Abt. 1795 in NC m: 30 Mar 1823 in Wayne Co, KY src: Family
Tree Maker's Family Archives Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN 1720-1926, CD #2
2. Male 3 CLARK b: Bet. 1801 - 1810
2. Male 4 CLARK b: Bet. 1803 - 1810
2. Elizabeth CLARK b: 1805 in KY d: Sep 1878 in MO
+William BELL b: Abt. 1801 in SC m: 27 May 1820 in Wayne, Kentucky src: Family Tree
Maker's Family Archives
Marriage Index: IL, IN, KY, OH, TN 1720-1926, CD #2 d: 1859 in MO src:
2. Female 3 CLARK b: Bet. 1807 - 1810
2. Male 5 CLARK b: Bet. 1809 - 1810
2. Male 6 CLARK b: Bet. 1810 - 1820
Samuel first appears in the 1820 Wayne County, KY, Census, but may have been in the area as early as the late 1790's. I
understand a Samuel Clark was in Pulaski county, and would be curious to know if anyone can lay claim to him. Some Wayne
county records state my Samuel was fromNC; a Clinton county census later in life states he was born in VA.
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Steve's Clark's (Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio)
Is there a Sidney (Sydney) Cooper Clark in that line. He would have been born 1880's -1890's and died in 1950's? He was
born in KY but the his family lived in the Cincinnatti area. He moved to SW Virginia (Wise Co.) and worked for the RR. He
was very reserved and was pretty much estranged from his family. I do know he had at least one sister in Ohio. Thanks

Bobbie's Clark's (Virginia, Maryland)
I have been subscribing to this list in the hopes of finding a clue as to where my G-grandfather, Woodson Clark Constable's
first and second names came from, and who those he was named for came from. He was born May 27, 1848 to Andrew
Thomas Constable and Susan Jemima Armistead Constable in Norfolk, Virginia. Andrew was from Baltimore, MD and
Norfolk, VA (I think he had businesses in both places). Susan was from the York Co. area. .Woodson Clark married Rosa
(Robina) Powell on January 9, 1888. They had three children: Woodson Coleman Constable (my grandfather), Susan and
Emily. He graduated from William and Mary College. They lived in Williamsburg, York County and Norfolk as far as I can tell.
Woodson died on June 14, 1919 in Norfolk ,Virginia Think there must be someone out there who has a
connection? Bobbie
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D Blake's Clark's (Virginia, Ohio)
I have a very vague link to the CLARK surname. My great-great-grandmother was a CLARK. Her name was (Nancy) Anna
CLARK Carter. She married John H. Carter in 1883. Her father was born in Virginia and her mother in Ohio. She and her
husband were born in Ohio. In 1910, the family was in Columbus, Ohio. They had five children, with three surviving: Laura
Carter, Marie Carter, Louise Carter, and Ida Carter. Ida was my great-grandmother. If you would like moreinformation,
please reply.
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Un-named Clark Line (Virginia, South Carolina)
Generation No. 1
1. MARY1 CLARKE/CLARK was born 1731 in Albemarle Co, Virginia. She m. HENRY
KEY SR. 1754, son of JOHN KEY and MARTHA TANDY.
Children of MARY CLARKE/CLARK and HENRY KEY are:
i. MALINDA2 KEY, b. October 11, 1755, Amherst Co., Virginia; m. JAMES LETCHER, January 06, 1771.
ii. JOHN ALFORD KEY, b. March 20, 1757, Amherst Co., Virginia; m. ANNE TAYLOR.
iii. HENRY KEY JR., b. April 11, 1759, Amherst Co., Virginia; d. August 23, 1810, Edgefield Co., South Carolina; m (1)
iv. WILLIAM KEY, b. April 02, 1761, Amherst Co., Virginia; d. Bef. 1802, Edgefield Co., South Carolina; m. (1) SARAH
GIBSON, 1787, Edgefield Co., South Carolina; m. (2) FANNIE
TALBOT, 1801. Notes for WILLIAM KEY: He served in the Continental Line in South Carolina as a private in Colonel
Leroy Hammond's Regiment of Militia. (ref: vol. R-T, page 270, Stub Entries to Indents for the Revolutionary
v. TANDY CLARKE KEY, b. May 19, 1763, Amherst Co., Virginia; d. 1802, Jefferson
Co., Georgia; m. MARY HARVEY, 1798.
vi. MARY KEY, b. May 31, 1765, Amherst Co., Virginia; m. MARSHAL MARTIN.
vii. MARTHA KEY, b. March 07, 1768, Amherst Co., Virginia.
viii. NAOMI KEY, b. October 11, 1770, Amherst Co., Virginia.
ix. ELIZABETH KEY, b. April 11, 1773.
x. SARAH KEY, b. September 27, 1776.
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Grafton's Clark's (Virginia, South Carolina, Texas)
A cousin in Clovis, NM, sent me a message about the Clark's. My grandfather, William Grafton Clark, dropped the e from the
end of his name when he cam to TX from maybe VA or SC about 1870 or later. He was born about 1855. His grandfather
lived in Gaffney, SC, before and during the Civil War. I know this for sure because I have his Masonic apron with a story on it
about an incident there. My grandfathers father may be John Sleeper Clarke, who was married to Asia
Booth. My mother indicated this to me a long time ago but did not name him specifically. If you know anything about this I
would appreciate hearing from you.
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Charley's Clark's (Virginia, Tennessee)
Benjamin Franklin Clark b abt 1819, likely in or near Abingdon. Married Paulina Galliker, I have them in Jefferson county TN
in the 1850 and 1860 census, then they are in Sullivan county for 1870 and 1880. Abingdon is about 30 miles from Blountville,
TN in Sullivan county. Children are: John F. b abt 1843, Thomas W. b abt 1844, Amelia Hannah b 1847 ( my grand mother)
and Eliza b abt 1849. Per notation in bible, Ben and his son, Thomas are b in Abingdon. High on a Windy Hill lists Thomas,
with accurate dates, but not Ben. Anyone have any more info on this line? Hannah m a Rogers, thus my surname. Charley
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Betty's Clark's 2 (Virginia, West Virginia)
Hi Clark listers! I'm hoping someone might have a lead on my Clark family. I have James Clark b. abt. 1804-15 married to
Amy Enoch b. abt. 1820 in Wood County, Virginia. They had five sons: Issac O., William J., Adolphus P., Abraham and
Alpheus T. They eventually moved to Wirt Co., Va, and were known to haved lived in Newark and eventually Burning
Springs, West Virginia. Please help me find the birthplace or parents of James. I have the info already on Amy.
Thanks a bunch! Betty Evans
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Confedtrvl's Clark's (Virginia, West Virginia)
I was reading over your web site and I have been trying to help a friend research her family. Heres what I have so far from
her-- THESE ARE SIBLINGS- parents name not known Isaac, Jacob, Benjamin, Washington Clark Jacob Clark married
Mary Jones. I have 3 children so far
1. Benjamin Clark
2. William Jones Clark
3. Virginia "Gin" Clark(Vestigans-married last name) then
William Jones Clark married Florence Jones William was once the sheriff of Tazwell Co.Va.
their children were
1. Leticia Clark
2. Charlie Clark
3. Helen Clark
4.William Gratton Clark ( killed by a train in Coopers West Va)
5. James Henry Clark
James Henry Clark mar. Helen Brown 1885. I have one child listed named
George Clark. James was sheriff of Mingo Co. West Va. Helen died and he remarried
to Euphemia Anna Hartman 1891. their children were,
1. Harry Guy Clark br. 1892-
2.William Gratton Clark br. 1897,
3. James Henry Jr. Clark br. 1902
4. Carl Eastburn Clark br. 1907.
Is there any connection here as far as you can see ?
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