Clark Cousins Of Virginia

Deborah's Clark Line

Descendants of Isaac Clark
Generation No. 1
1.ISAAC1 CLARK was born Abt. 1785 in Virginia.  He married (2) JAMIMA. She was born 1807.
Children of ISAAC CLARK are:
  i. SIMON PERRY2 CLARK, b. 1815; m. MARY C. WILSON; b. 1819.
  ii.(2) WILLIAM C. CLARK, b. Abt. 1819; d. 1904.
  iii.PRESTON CLARK, b. 1829.
  iv. MARGARET CLARK, b. 1832; m. RICHARD BARBER; b. Abt. 1832.
  v. RICHARD CLARK, b. 1836.
  vi. DAVID C. CLARK, b. 1838; m. JULIA A. THOMPSON; b. Abt. 1846.
  vii. ELENOR CLARK, b. 1842; m. THOMAS C. HALL; b. Abt. 1842.
  viii.GEORGE W. CLARK, b. Abt. 1849; m. MARGARET HOULSEY; b. 1852, Alabama.
   ix. THOMAS N. CLARK, b. Abt. 1851.

Generation No. 2
  (2).WILLIAM C.2 CLARK (ISAAC1) was born Abt. 1819, and died 1904.  He married
       (1) ELIZABETH SNODGRASS. He married
       (2) ELIZA SCOTT.  She was born Abt. 1824 in Jackson, Alabama.
Children of WILLIAM CLARK and ELIZA SCOTT are:
   i.WILLIAM J.3 CLARK, b. 1848, Alabama; m. JOSEPHINE MOORE; b. Abt. 1848.
   ii.(3) JOSEPH N. CLARK, b. February 08, 1851, Jackson, Alabama.
   iii.(4)SIMEON PETE CLARK, b. March 18, 1853, Jackson, Alabama; d. 1928.
   iv.(5) JAMIMA ELLEN CLARK, b. 1856.
   v.CHARLES P. CLARK, b. 1859, Alabama.
   vi.GEORGE W. CLARK, b. 1863.

Generation No. 3
   (3).JOSEPH N.3 CLARK (WILLIAM C.2, ISAAC1) was born February 08, 1851 in
        Jackson, Alabama.  He married JULIA A. SMITH.  She was born 1856 in North Carolina.
   i. ARTHUR E.4 CLARK, b. May 05, 1884, Jackson, Alabama.
   (4) SIMEON PETE3 CLARK (WILLIAM C.2, ISAAC1) was born March 18, 1853 in Jackson,
        Alabama, and died 1928.  He married ELIZABETH TIPTON.  She was born November 20,
        1857 in Jackson, Alabama, and died 1929.
   i. DAVID LAFAYETT (VERDE?)4 CLARK, b. September 08, 1875, Jackson, Alabama.
   ii. HENRY CLAY CLARK, b. November 20, 1877, Scottboro, Jackson, Alabama;
      d. March 24, 1964, Bogota, Texas; m. MARY "MAMA" AUGUSTA MCDADE; b. 1889;
      d. Abt. 1971, Blossom, Texas..
   iii. JOSEPH EDWIN CLARK, b. July 24, 1879, Jackson, Alabama; m. LOU ONA
       SMITH; b. July 25, 1886, Clarksville, Red River Co., Texas.
   iv. THOMAS JEFFERSON CLARK, b. May 23, 1887, Jackson, Alabama.
   v. JAMES MADISON CLARK, b. May 28, 1889, Jackson, Alabama.
   vi. ALMA ELLEN CLARK MARTINDALE, b. Abt. 1891, Alabama; m. MARTINDALE.
   vii. SIMEON GRAYSON CLARK, b. March 20, 1898, Jackson, Alabama.
   (5).JAMIMA ELLEN3 CLARK (WILLIAM C.2, ISAAC1) was born 1856.  She married
        ADOLPHUS M. HILL.  He was born November 1855 in Tennessee.
   i.ELIZA E.4 HILL, b. 1877, Alabama; m. MCLENDEN; b. Abt. 1877.
   ii.REBECCA HILL, b. December 1878, Alabama.
   iii.NARCISSUS ELLEN HILL, b. February 06, 1881, Sandmountain, De Kalb, Alabama; m.
      JAMES MARSHALL FLOYD; b. August 26, 1869, Tennessee.
   iv.LUCY MAY HILL, b. May 1883.
   v. CALLEN HILL, b. March 1885, Alabama; m. O'NEIL; b. Abt. 1885.
   vi. ALMINA HILL, b. January 1889.
   vii. MARY HILL, b. March 1890.
   viii. EUGENIE HILL, b. December 1892.
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